Oral presentations

Topic 1 - Global approaches to asset management

Chair/Rapporteur: Frans Schulting & Helena Alegre

#21 TVW Infrastructure investment planning process - use of forecasting and uncertainty modelling tools

Eliane Marthe Algaard, Patrick Campbell, Paul Chadwick, Stephane Pochet and Katie Winfield

#11 Whole life cost optimisation model for water distribution systems: Using modelling optimisation techniques to explore cost effective mains rehabilitation in Kampala City, Uganda

H. Mutikanga, J. Sseguya and K. Vairvamoorthy

#101 Application of a DPA method for asset management in small water distribution systems

Pedro Barata; Helena Alegre; José Vieira

#60 A novel methodology to prioritize investment proposals

Helena Alegre, Dídia Covas, António Jorge Monteiro and Patrícia Duarte

#82 Scheduling renewal of water supply distribution system – a case study in Portugal

António Jorge Monteiro, A. M. Luís, Ana Teresa Silva, J. Sereno, L. Marçal and A. B. Franco

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Topic 2 - Institutional, organisational and research aspects

Chair/Rapporteur: Steve Allbee

#22 Developing a sustainability management plan for water supply within Sarawak, Malaysia

Kerry Jones and D. Cox

#23 Challenges in asset management of the water supply and wastewater infrastructures in the Republic of Bulgaria

V. Nikolov and Teniu Peitchev

#44 Models of regional or municipal Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in order to favour the industrialization of the integrated water service in the ATO's of Southern Italy

C. Arena, Mario Genco and Mario Rosario Mazzola

#89 Public private partnership models for developing water servicing

David Stephenson and G. Mokete

#120 Asset management and regulation: the Portuguese case

Jaime Melo Baptista, João Simão Pires, João Almeida

Topic 2 - Institutional, organisational and research aspects

Chair/Rapporteur: Chairmaine Quick

#97 Research needs for Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Karl Rohrhofer, E. Cabrera, F. Cate, Th. Derntl, P. Gortan, A. Jovani and M. Olšinská

#99 ISO 24500 standards as a support tool to manage assets

          (to see ISO 24510 click here)

Enrique Cabrera Jr., Duncan Ellison, Dominique Olivier, Jean-Luc Redaud, and Karl Rohrhofer

#100 Strategic infrastructure asset management: concepts, 'schools' and industry needs

Helena Alegre

#20 Ownership and management of water utility assets in developing countries: Case Kenya

Eija M. Vinnari, Ezekiel N. Nyanchaga and Jarmo J. Hukka

#46 Accountability and performance of two water utilities at the U. S. - Mexico border

Ismael Aguilar-Benitez and Jean-Daniel Saphores

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Topic 3 - Target definition and assessment of performance

Chair/Rapporteur: Jaime Melo Baptista

#40 Extended period simulation in the estimation of the economic level of reliability for the rehabilitation of water distribution systems

Giovanni de Marinis, Rudy Gargano, Zoran Kapelan, Mark Stephen Morley, Dragan Savic and Carla Tricarico

#74 Failure data analysis – A Dutch case study

Irene Nathalie Vloerbergh and Mirjam Blokker

#55 Evaluation of the pipeline replacement project for drinking water supply system using performance indicators

Kenei Ishii and Takaaki Katsumata

#57 Explanatory factor “Average Network Age" index (NAX) for mains failures and water losses

Roman Neunteufel, R. Perfler, H. Theuretzbacher-Fritz and J. Kölbl

#96 Proposal for a methodology to assess the technical performance of urban sewer systems

Adriana Cardoso, Sérgio Teixeira Coelho and José Matos

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Topic 4 - Cost and benefit valuation

Chair/Rapporteur: Jean Philippe Torterotot

#25 Assessing the benefits of rehabilitation programs defined with the CARE-W decision support system

Pascal Le Gauffre, Hatem Haidar and David Poinard

#63 Planning maintenance strategies for Italian urban drainage systems applying CARE-S

Rita Maria Ugarelli, M. Pacchioli and V. Di Federico

#48 Asset management in Copenhagen Energy Sewerage Department

Jens Elkjær

#85 Effect of water costs on the optimal renovation period of pipes

Ricardo Cobacho, Enrique Cabrera Sr., Enrique Cabrera Jr. and Miguel Angel Pardo

#5 Implementing an asset management approach to capital investment planning

David C. Sklar and Rebecca F. West

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Topic 5 - Target definition and assessment of risks

Chair/Rapporteur: Scott Haskins

#8 The role of uncertainty in urban drainage decisions: uncertainty in inspection data and their impact on rehabilitation decisions

Jojannake Dirksen, A. Goldina, Johanna ten Veldhuis and Francois Clemens

#68 Hazard identification and risk analysis of water supply systems

Ladislav Tuhovčák and Jan Ručka

#73 Infrastructure strategic management in contingency situations

Artur Ribeiro, Helena Lucas, João Sousa, Rosário Coelho, Marisa Viriato and Sandra Dias

#90 Rehabilitation of a large sewer: methodology in the Alcântara interceptor sewer

Maria do Céu Almeida, Fernando Fernandes, Nuno Charneca and Conceição David

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Topic 6 - Asset data and information systems

Chair/Rapporteur: Chris Royce & Cushla Anich

#10 SIROCO, a decision support system for rehabilitation adapted for small and medium size water distribution companies

Eddy Renaud, Jean Christophe De Massiac, Bernard Brémond and Christian Laplaud

#81 A GIS based approach to assess the vulnerability of water distribution systems

Tonino Liserra, R. Ugarelli, V. Di Federico and M. Maglionico

#39 Application of Monitoring and Information Technologies to Optimise Asset Management

Augusto Pretner, Alessandro Bettin and Luz Sainz

#47 Global approaches to asset management: An Australian integration of asset management techniques with executive business decision

Tim John Waldron and Adrian Perry

#86 Sustainable implementation of network analysis decision-making tools in the operational environment

Sérgio T. Coelho and Dália Loureiro 

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Topic 7 - Engineering developments

Chair/Rapporteur: Dana Vanier

#15 Strategic selection of materials for wastewater networks

Sveinung Sægrov, Leif Sigurd Hafskjold, Per Kristiansen and T. Skaug

#16 Degradation of lining systems for drinking water networks

Sveinung Sægrov, Astrid Bjørgum, Eva Rodum, Marti Kristin Haugen, Lars Aksel Wermskog, Kjartan Rekster  and Finn Bjørgum

#26 Sewer asset management: from visual inspection survey to dysfunction indicators

Mazen Ibrahim, Frederic Cherqui, Pascal Le Gauffre and Caty Werey

#17 Planning the upgrading of urban water networks - is there a need for the CARE-approaches?

Sveinung Sægrov, Frøydis Sjøvold and Leif Sigurd Hafskjold

#13 Planning the rehabilitation of the Las Vegas water distribution network using CARE-W

Annie Vanrenterghem-Raven, Pat Sampson, Sigurd Hafskjold and Jon Rostum

Topic 7 - Engineering developments (water supply)

Chair/Rapporteur: Will Williams & Paul Conroy

#19 Self-cleaning networks put to the test

Mirjam Blokker, Peter Schaap and Jan Vreeburg

#50 The impact of pipe segment length on break predictions in water distribution systems

Matthew Poulton, Yves Le Gat and Bernard Brémond

#58 Strategies for integrating alternative groundwater sources into the water supply system of the Algarve, Portugal

Tibor Yvan Stigter, José Paulo Monteiro, Luís Miguel Nunes, João Vieira, Maria Conceição Cunha, Luís Ribeiro and Helena Lucas

# 61 Technical condition assessment of metallic water supply pipes as part of their rehabilitation planning

Hans-Christian Sorge

#64 Strategy for the development of optimized flushing plans

Andreas Korth, S. Richardt and B. Wricke

Topic 7 - Engineering developments (wastewater)

Chair/Rapporteur: Sveinung Saegrov

#105 Advances in the modelling and optimisation of sewerage infrastructure investment planning

George Heywood, C. Pearman  and Jeremy Lumbers

#59 Attaining the most sustainable solution in stormwater control in England and Wales

S. Kennedy and L. Lewis

#71 Economic rehabilitation of sewer systems by ground penetration radar investigations

Hermann Stepkes, Jochen Zimmermann, Karsten Müller, M. Siekmann and Johannes Pinnekamp

#79 Objective condition assessment of sewer systems

Karsten Paul Müller and Benedikt Fischer

#83 Technical management of sewer networks: a simplified decision tool

Vitor Sousa, Marisa Silva, Tiago Veigas, José Matos, José Martins and Ana Teixeira

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#12 Using historical repair data to create customized predictive failure curves for sewer pipe risk modelling

Author(s): Terry Kelly Martin, Darin Johnson, and Scott Anschell

#18 Performance assessment of hydrants

Author(s): Mirjam Blokker, Jan Vreeburg, T. Bekhof and H. P. Blaauwgeers

#29 Preliminary assessment of operational indicators for the sewerage system in Belgrade

Author(s): Ivan Milojkovic, Zoran Marjanovic, Bojan Obuskovic, Marko Ivetic, Dejan Ljubisavljevic and Davor Jaksic

#30 “Making Data Visible”: Using geovisualisation to explore and structure problems in an urban water supply system in Uganda

Author(s): Frank Kizito, Harrison Mutikanga, Gaddi Ngirane-Katashaya and Roger Thunvik

#31 Sewer deterioration modelling in Hydroplan

Author(s): Eliseo Jr. Valila Ana, Willy Bauwens, Mieke Pessemier, Chris Thoeye and Greet De Gueldre

#34 Tools for achieving the equilibrium in water supply and waste water sewerage in Slovak Republic

Author(s): Katarina Tothova and Stefan Stanko

#37 Decision-making aid for rehabilitation of sewer networks: addressing socio-economic aspects in the CARE-S project

Author(s): C. Werey, J.P. Torterotot , D. Sousa e Silva, R. Barbier, A. König, A. Pereira, M. Montginoul and V. Waechter

#42 Scope of Asset Management regarding sustainability of water service in urban India

Author(s): U.Brighu and R.Franceys

#43 Decision support model for water pipes renewal programming

Author(s): Amir Nafi and Caty Werey

#49 Benchmarking enables utilities to identify asset management best practices in North America

Author(s): Terrance Brueck, Linda Blankenship

#54 IS4AM: an Information System Framework for Asset Management

Author(s): Jacques Boudon, Myriam Martin, Bertrand Vanden Bossche, J. Luçon, A. P. Darrées and E. Brodard

#69 Method of annual rehab planning of water distribution networks

Author(s): Ladislav Tuhovčák and Tomás Kučera

#70 Earthquake countermeasures and appropriate management of pipeline assets in Japan

Author(s): Hajime Taniguchi, Shigeru Ando, Yasuhiko Sato and Kenji Takeuchi

#80 Strategies for condition assessment of sewer systems

Author(s): Karsten Müller

#98 Cost reduction and hydraulic reliability improvement by pump schedule optimization

Author(s): Catarina Sousa, Dídia I. C. Covas, Helena Ramos, J. T. Valente and M. J. Marques

#104 O&M of main sewer systems – SANEST example

Author(s): H. Martins and C. Gomes

#111 Sustainability: Doing the right thing for future generations

Author(s): Sthephen T. Hayashi, Mohsen S. Mortada and Lauren Kell

#121 Condition assessment of metallic water networks

Author(s): A. C. Vangdal, H. E. Larsen & S. Sægrov

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