It is my pleasure to announce the Call for Papers for LESAM 2007, the second IWA Leading-Edge Conference on Strategic Asset Management of water and wastewater infrastructures.
As President of the Portuguese IWA National Committee, as a LNEC researcher working in water asset management, and as an active member of IWA for the past 20 years, chairing the organisation of this event is a challenge and a great honour for me. First of all, because the subject and the topics of this conference are of major relevance for any water and wastewater utility in the world. Secondly, because we are expecting to attract the best experts on infrastructure asset management, providing a prestigious forum for learning and for sharing know-how, experience, development priorities and difficulties faced.
Thirdly, because the Conference will be integrated into the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of LNEC, the major civil engineering research institute in Portugal. And last but not least, because the Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Lisbon, with its picturesque old quarters contrasting with its famous monuments and its modern areas. I believe that my reasons are your reasons as well.


I encourage your participation,
either as a presenter or as a
, and look forward to
welcoming you to Lisbon.

Helena Alegre

Conference Chair